Wedding guidelines

We're excited about our Swedish-Slovak wedding because it won't follow the typical customs of either culture, but a beautiful blend of both. To ensure everyone's enjoyment, we'd like to explain a few rules that might differ from what you're used to. Thank you for your understanding, even if these guidelines aren't traditional for you.

Adults only

Firstly, our wedding will be an adults-only affair, open to those 15 years and older. We cherish all the children in our lives, but we see this celebration as one tailored more for adults. We hope you'll embrace this Swedish tradition and take this opportunity to have a night off from parenting, understanding our desire to create an environment catered to adults.


The ceremony will be conducted in Slovak and English, with the text provided in Slovak, English, and Swedish to ensure inclusivity. While we'll strive for everyone's enjoyment, we acknowledge that complete understanding might not be guaranteed. Your understanding is deeply appreciated.

As for the reception, we encourage the use of Swedish, Slovak, or English—whatever language makes you feel most comfortable. Johan's secret wish is to hear as many languages as possible during the dinner, but don't tell Petra.

Personal invitations

Due to venue constraints, we regretfully can't accommodate plus ones for everyone. We've invited partners we know well but couldn't extend this invitation universally. We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely hope for your understanding.

Dress code

There's no actual dress code, but we'd rather you don't dress in red or white. The wedding ceremony will be held in a Catholic church, so please dress modestly.

Also, no mankinis, as per Petra's request.

Join us on Friday!

 If you decide to arrive already on Friday, don't forget to bring your swimsuit, the hotel has a wellness area :) The hotel is booked for us alone - it's our playground for the weekend!